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Our Story, Our Concerns...

American Awning Care brings nearly 10 years of hands on experience washing, repairing and maintaining canvas and vinyl awnings throughout the Portland Metro Area. With experience in every situation ranging from the small business and residential awning to repairing and maintaining multi-story buildings large scale shopping centers, AAC is your choice number one for quality work and professionalism. American Awning Care is a licensed service business, with professional service technicians. Covering a wide area consisting of a majority of the Portland Metro area, we are willing to travel just about anywhere to provide our customers with quality work.
We Know The Importance of Your Company's Image
The image your company portrays begins with the exterior of your building, and your awnings are part of that image. Awnings represent a large investment in the appearance of your property. Professional awning cleaning can help you protect that investment.
Expert Quality & Expert Care
When you use our expert services you know you are getting professional, knowledgeable service. We know what it takes to correctly clean an awning and we use the proper cleaners and tools to do the work. Irreversible damage can occur if too much water pressure is applied, or if the wrong cleaner or tool is used. So, don't be fooled by inexperienced companies that "go to school" on your job. As experts we provide:
Expert Results
You know you can expect the best from us. Our trained crews treat your awning as if it were their own. We use only pre-tested, safety-guaranteed products on your awning. And, while it is always possible that older awnings may have staining, you cant rest assured that everything possible will be done to make your awnings look their best. Expect the best!